Q: How much does it cost to email a commercial real estate listing?
A: Nationwide listings are $129 or pick a single state for $39. Pricing is per eflyer sent regardless of how many properties are on the eflyer.
Q: How many times will my listing be emailed?
A: One time per order.
Q: Are there any other costs are charges?
A: We have no other costs are charges involved. We have no account fees, no set up costs and no minimums. Feel free to create your user account and experiment with our templates free of charge.
Q: How many recipients are in your database?
A: We have over 125,000 in our database.
Q: Do you have an investor database?
A: We only have one database and there are some investors in our database but predominantly commercial agents.
Q: I want to email out a commercial listing. How do I get started?
A: Begin by creating your user account. There is no cost involved in doing so. Once you are logged into your account, simply follow the prompts to the template pages.
Q: Do you have templates for me to use?
A: Yes, we have very easy to use fill in the blank templates available. Make sure to watch our short tutorial video on the fill in the blank templates so you understand exactly how to use them. Instructions are also available in every template.
Q: Can I upload my own flyer or paste my own HTML code?
A: Yes, we have a template selection for both. One is called "Upload Your Own Flyer" and the other is called "Use Your Own HTML". We have tutorial videos for both as well as instructions for them inside of the template. Both are easy to use.
Q: How long will it take for my listing to be emailed once I complete the order?
A: That is up to you. There is a calendar in the program which allows you to select the day/date you would like the listing to be emailed. Same day service is allowed. Once your order is placed, we will quickly review it, click on your links to make make sure they work and then approve it to be emailed.
Q: Will I be notified when the email is sent?
A: Yes, you will be sent a copy as the person who ordered the eflyer. You also be sent a copy if you are in the database you selected. In other words, you may receive not just one but two.
Q: I need to be walked through this process. Do you have tutorial videos available?
A: Yes, we sure do. We have short, step by step tutorials available on our tutorials page. We encourage you to watch the one that applies to the template you will be using. We take you from start to finish including scheduling and paying.
Q: Does your website work in all browsers?
A: Yes, our website platform has been tested in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. We recommend Firefox and Google Chrome.
Q: How do I pay?
A: You will be able to enter a credit card during the scheduling process. We accept all major credit cards.
Q: Can I receive an email proof before the flyer is sent out?
A: In the template, there is an "email proof" button so that you can email yourself as many proofs as necessary during the creative process. You can also email proofs out to colleagues and clients. There is not cost to emailing proofs.
Q: Can I select the time of day that the email is sent?
A: Actually, since our database is so large, will be drip feeding the internet with the delivery which in actuality will take several hours. We do this to make the sending of your email appear to be extremely natural which will insure the highest level of deliverability.
Q: Will you send me statistics on my email that I send?
A: Statistics on your listing email are provided to you inside of your account. You will find these under the "My Saved Work" icon.
Q: Can I email a residential home through SendMyListing.com?
A: Sorry, no. SendMyListing.com is for commercial real estate listings only.
Q: How do I resend a listing email that I have previously sent?
A: An "Edit and Resend" link is provided to you from within the "My Saved Work" icon.
Q: I have a service which I would like to email out to the agents in your database. Can I do that?
A: Sorry, no. We only send out emails for commercial real estate for sale or for lease.
Q: Do you allow FSBO's (For Sale by Owner)?
A: Sorry, we do not allow FSBO advertising. If you are an agent, you most certainly can advertise your own property. If you are not a realtor and want your property advertised here, please hire a realtor.